IHG Fiji Leading in Environmental Responsibility

IHG Fiji Leading in Environmental Responsibility

In a significant commitment to environmental and social responsibility, InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa, Grand Pacific Hotel, and Holiday Inn Suva have partnered with Fijian-owned manufacturers Portion Pak and Rise Beyond the Reef to unveil compostable single-use water and coffee cups. This initiative, part of IHG’s Journey To Tomorrow program, sets a notable precedent in the hospitality industry.

Emblazoned with captivating Fijian-inspired designs by Rise Beyond the Reef, these newly introduced single-use cups showcase the resorts’ dedication to combining sustainability with cultural appreciation. This collaboration not only champions environmental protection but also supports local artists and charitable initiatives.

Lachlan Walker, Portfolio General Manager – IHG Hotels & Resorts, FNPF Owned Hotels, expressed the brand’s commitment, stating, “At IHG Hotels & Resorts in Fiji, we believe in making a positive impact. Our transition to compostable single-use water and coffee cups is not just a change in practice but a statement of our dedication to preserving the natural beauty of Fiji and supporting its communities. This initiative aligns with our broader sustainability goals and reflects our ethos of responsible luxury.”

Portion Pak, with over 23 years of experience in eco-friendly product manufacturing, addresses the urgent issue of tourism-generated waste. Their certified home compostable cups, featuring a water-based ‘ink’ technology, replace laminated plastic linings, offering a viable solution to single-use plastics in the hospitality sector.

With an estimated 5-10 million takeaway cups used in Fiji annually, Portion Pak’s innovative cups and lids present a game-changing alternative, allowing effective composting in Fiji. The company’s partnership with BioPak, a leader in environmentally friendly food packaging, positions Fiji among the first nations to benefit from this transformative innovation.

Beyond environmental benefits, Portion Pak collaborates with Fiji’s Rise Beyond the Reef charitable organization. These cups, showcasing local designs, contribute 5% of their value to supporting Rise Beyond the Reef’s school-based programs, exemplifying a commitment to environmental and social upliftment.

Already replacing over 50,000 plastic cups with Rise Beyond the Reef cups, the resorts’ move towards sustainability has begun. The cups will be composted on-site, leaving 50,000 fewer plastic cups in Fiji’s landscapes and enriching the resort grounds. IHG Fiji’s commitment signifies a harmonious blend of innovation, culture, and environmental consciousness, solidifying its position as an industry leader and ambassador of Fiji’s natural resources.