HOTEC Trade Show a success

HOTEC Trade Show a success

The Fiji Sun – November 11, 2019

The two-day HOTEC Tradeshow that took place at the Sheraton Fiji Resort last week ended successfully.

This was the comment made by the chief executive officer of the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association, Fantasha Lockington.

Mrs Lockington said she was grateful of the connections the exhibitors had engaged themselves in during the Tradeshow which equally allowed them to connect with the tourism industry stakeholders.

“The two days HOTEC Tradeshow had been really successful and when I spoke to each of the exhibitors, each of them have said that they have made great network connections and many of them feel that it is already confirmed or they feel that it is confirmed that they will get that business, that to me is a sign of success,” she said. “We have been able to bring the industry people together so that they connect with the tourism industry stakeholders and they were not only local tradespeople, they were also our overseas trades people as we have 13 new people coming in from overseas and I noticed that something different this year was sometimes two or three similar type of products being offered to the industry.

“Competition is always good, it forces you to lift your own profile and lift how you provide your business to your customers.

“Usually our local people are very shy to showcase their talents, I notice that they have got a lot more people competing and putting their names forward.” She said competing globally made Fiji’s product better.

“With the different competitions they show Fiji is lifting their games consistently and it means that Fiji is trying really hard to compete not only with one another in terms of what they deliver but also in terms of how they can compete with the rest of the world and it just makes our product much better,” she added.