Visitors Business Permit – 14 days New

The Fijian Immigration Department has issued a Public Notice to advise that they are now processing Visitors Business Permits – for 14 days (VBP). This allows foreign nationals to undertake business, investment, study, research or work-related activities up to a maximum period of 14 days in Fiji. Prior approval is required to enter the country on a VBP and requests from the Fiji employer/organization to be sent to

The foreign national is required to carry a copy of the approval letter and present it on arrival. Entry may be denied if this is not adhered to.

a. Prior approval is required to enter on the VBP. Requests from the employer/organisation in Fiji are to be sent to with the following information:

  • Invitation from the organisation in Fiji.
  • Name, date of birth and passport number of the person arriving;
  • The role the person will be undertaking in the organisation;
  • The intended length of stay; and
  • Name and Contact of organisation representative.

b. A response will be provided within 24 hours.

c. The person travelling is required to carry a copy of the approval letter and present it on arrival. In addition, the person must declare “Business” on arrival when entering Fiji.

d. You may be denied entry into Fiji if the approval letter is not presented.

e. Further extension will require a Short Term Work Permit which is to be applied prior to the expiry of the Visitors Business Permit, with an application fee.

f. If you work beyond the 14 days you may be removed from Fiji and denied future entry into Fiji.

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