FHTA Welcomes IHG’s Crowne Plaza Announcement

FHTA Welcomes IHG’s Crowne Plaza Announcement

The recent announcement by IHG that they will be introducing the iconic Crowne Plaza brand into Fiji for the first time, is a significant event and one that we have no doubt will boost their current cluster of successful brands under their management.

The Fiji Hotel & Tourism Association (FHTA) congratulates the IHG team, for making what can only be described as a symbolic first step this year in taking advantage of the positive trends currently boosting Fiji’s increased popularity, as well as leading what we hope is a sign of things to come in terms of investing further in growing Fiji’s list of prestigious hotel brands.

There are a number of other significant indicators here that must be acknowledged along with the above; and this includes the introduction of a luxury brand in a vibrant, still developing tourism hot spot like Nadi Bay.

This will lift the profile of the area and encourage even more tourism-related businesses and supply lines to flourish, and it will provide a welcome boost to much-needed room inventory while providing more jobs and opportunities for SMEs and creative segments to set up as support networks.

“It is also really exciting to hear about larger conference facilities being introduced as part of the new offerings which will allow tourism traffic to flow in and around the Nadi Bay, Martintar and Namaka areas, all the way to the surrounding airport areas and further support much-needed economic activity to these areas that are already known for their entertainment, restaurant, shopping and dining options”, Fantasha Lockington, CEO for FHTA noted today.

“Any tourism activity that encourages the economic impacts of tourism to spread out into other areas and as a result lift other businesses along the way, is welcomed and should be applauded, and in this instance the fact that the owners – Wailoaloa Hotel Pte Ltd and all the other IHG hotel brands including the Crowne Plaza Fiji Nadi Bay Resort & Spa – belong to the people of Fiji; and this should make us all prouder still”.