FHTA Sustainable Tourism: Top-to-Bottom Sustainability at Kaila Na Ua

FHTA Sustainable Tourism: Top-to-Bottom Sustainability at Kaila Na Ua

FHTA, 19 November 2022 – .Positioned in the middle of the Sunset Strip on the Coral Coast, sits an intimate boutique resort where unassuming attention to detail weaves sophistication into a relaxed, tropical setting.

It goes by the name of Kaila Na Ua Resort and with its lush, manicured gardens and expansive views of the Pacific Ocean, it’s a perfect home base for exploring Viti Levu or just kicking back and enjoying the view.

Far from the crowds yet in the heart of the Coral Coast, it is easy to miss, and easier to miss after guests have been here.

Though off the beaten path, it’s home to some of the best dining options on the Coral Coast, all within walking distance from the resort.

Or guests can barbecue in a purpose-built Barbecue Bure around the pool after a day of snorkelling, kayaking, swimming, biking, or exploring the adventure capital of the Fiji Islands.

All this with a background of highly sustainable measures being carried out as the resort continues to welcome and farewell guests.

For example, they only offer the use of non-motorised water sports equipment such as kayaks, stand-up paddle boards & snorkelling gear.

They also offer complimentary use of American-style bikes to guests to get to local tourist spots and eating places, if they don’t feel like walking.

For places further away, they encourage their guests to travel by bus to areas of interest by offering complimentary bus cards.

That goes a long way to ensuring the reduction of one’s carbon footprint.

All of their eight rooms are supplied with solar-heated water and each of these rooms has a compost bin to encourage guests to keep vegetable & fruit waste for their gardens.

When doing their laundry, the resort staff ensure that all KNURL linen is air dried in the usually sunny weather.

Kaila Na Ua avoids the use of disposable products like using glasses for welcome drinks with bamboo straws.

They even use wooden key tags for their rooms in keeping with sustainability and the resort décor.

In their kitchen, the management prefers to use local and seasonal produce instead of importing items as it is much cheaper to source local produce.

Where they can, the resort staff maintains their own plantation and grow local & seasonal produce like mangoes, paw paws, bananas, avocadoes, passion fruit and guavas.

On those long dry and warm days, the grounds staff used collected rainwater to water the gardens and shrubbery.

All of these processes and examples show why Kaila Na Ua is entirely committed to providing its guests with a safe space that is both beautiful and environmentally thoughtful.

For information on the above, you can contact FHTA (info@fhta.com.fj) or contact Kaila Na Ua Resort directly.

Published in the Fiji Sun on 19 November 2022