FHTA Needs More Discussions with FRCS

FHTA Needs More Discussions with FRCS

FHTA 24 Feb 2023: The Board of the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (FHTA) aims to continue it regular meetings with the Fiji Revenue and Customs Services (FRCS) to discuss industry status, long-term plans, investment and development opportunities, as well as challenges.

Last week’s meeting, hosted at the InterContinental Golf resort & Spa was another productive session, allowing for open and constructive discussions about issues that affect the tourism industry in Fiji.

The FHTA is grateful as always to the FRCS team that consistently makes time to connect with stakeholders to get industry perspective and real-time feedback.

CEO, Mr. Mark Dixon, Chief of Staff, Mr. Shavindra Nath, Director Taxation, Ms. Momina Beg, Acting Director Border, and Head of Customs, Ms. Shelini Kumar met with FHTA Board Directors who shared industry status information and future plans.

Brian Kirsch, FHTA President, noted that these regular meetings with FRCS provided opportunities for consultation, cooperation and clarification on a range of issues and that the industry always appreciated the ongoing support and cooperation of the FRCS leadership team.

The FHTA Board has a wide representation of tourism businesses from across the Fiji group, representing an industry committed to compliance and collaborating on measures that support the growth, development and sustainability of the sector