Experience the true cultural heart of Fiji


Friday 08 September 2017  MAYBE it’s about time you immerse yourself into a tropical scenery.

Experience the true cultural heart of Fiji and explore serene natural attractions in the western part of Viti Levu. Enjoy the matchless beauty, take advantage of the activities and be fascinated with a tour around the Coral Coast.

Activities include the Nahigatoka river cruise, boat tours, sailing and cruises, jet boating, walking and hiking, zip lining and many more.

Whatever your choice, website www.bookme.com.fj has your fitting choice. Let’s take for example the Cannibal Cave Tour.

“The Cannibal Cave Tour has it all — raw history, river rafting, off-road trekking and real Fiji village life experience,” reports www.bookme.com.fj.

“Take a few hours to experience the Fiji you won’t see from your resort. You’ll be welcomed with a traditional kava ceremony and a historical overview of the cave from your guide, followed by a tour of Sautabu Village. Then the real fun begins – after being taken to the river bank you’ll bilibili raft across the river (5 to 15 minutes), then take an off-road ride to the cave (15 to 20 minutes of serious fun!).”  Read more…