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Courts Fiji

Courts plc (Courts) is an international specialist retailer of electrical and home-furnishing products, trading in countries where market leadership was maintained through its scale and support provided by a competitive credit and finance propositions.

Courts overseas businesses operated in four geographic areas:

  • Caribbean
  • South East Asia
  • Pacific
  • Indian Ocean In 2004,

Courts were placed in receivership and the individual operations in the various countries sold to independent external owners. Courts retail operations in Fiji, under the name Courts (Fiji) Limited, were acquired by Vision Group Limited effective from 31 May 2006. It is an independent stand alone company with 100% local shareholding and has no financial, legal, business or operational relationship whatsoever with Courts Plc and any other Courts operations outside of Fiji and Tonga. In 2010, Courts (Fiji) Limited expanded its retail operations to the Kingdom of Tonga by establishing a joint venture company under the name Courts (Tonga) Limited.

Vision Group is a consortium of four companies, namely Jacks of Fiji, R.C Manubhai & Co Ltd, Challenge Engineering more popularly known for it’s car business Automart Ltd and Candle Investment Ltd which is the investment arm of lawyers Parshotam and Company.

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