Bamboo Cards Pave the Way for Greener Future

Bamboo Cards Pave the Way for Greener Future

In a significant move towards sustainability, FNPF-owned IHG Fiji Hotels has introduced bamboo key cards, replacing traditional plastic ones. This shift marks a departure from harmful plastic and contributes to IHG’s global sustainability initiative, saving approximately 20,000 plastic cards from landfills annually.

Located in Natadola, Fiji, FNPF-owned IHG Fiji Hotels, which include InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa, Grand Pacific Hotel, and Holiday Inn Suva, are championing eco-conscious practices by adopting bamboo key cards. This environmentally friendly alternative is a visible step towards minimizing plastic waste and aligns with the hotel’s commitment to sustainability.

By embracing bamboo key cards, these three Fiji hotels are making a tangible impact on environmental preservation. This initiative resonates with IHG’s Journey to Tomorrow, a comprehensive 10-year plan to transform the hospitality industry worldwide. Through this plan, IHG Hotels & Resorts across more than 100 countries are actively engaging in sustainable practices.

Lachlan Walker, Portfolio General Manager of IHG Hotels & Resorts, FNPF Owned Hotels, emphasized the significance of this shift, stating, “Our transition from plastic to bamboo key cards underscores our dedication to realizing ambitious sustainability objectives outlined in IHG’s Journey to Tomorrow plan. Each day, we strive to discover innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint and operate as responsible stewards of the planet. Initiatives like this protect our oceans and communities and foster progress towards a sustainable future.”

IHG’s Journey to Tomorrow represents a holistic approach towards responsible business practices, shaping a future of sustainable travel for guests, employees, and partners alike.