Australia; New Zealand; Fiji – Sales & Marketing Appointment

Wananavu Beach Resort

19 December 2017 – Wananavu Beach Resort has announced the appointment of Lavonne Fremlin Naulumatua to manage the sales and marketing for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Lavonne is based in Sydney Australia and contact details as shown.

Lavonne has been part of the Fiji tourism industry for 30 years in various roles in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. She brings with her, experience in wholesaling, retailing, cruising, sales development and marketing. She was also a part of the great Wananavu team from 2014 to January 2017 and we welcome her back to our team. Some of her various roles encompassed operations/office manager, Rosie Holidays; sales development manager, Pinpoint Travel; product manager, Escape Holidays; marketing manager, Hogan & Associates; manager, Spacific Marketing Solutions; sales manager, South Sea Cruises/ Awesome Adventures and Blue
Lagoon Cruises and now manager/director of Pacific Pulse Marketing.

Full Release: Press Release – Sales & Marketing Australia NZ [189kb PDF]