Tourism industry vaccine rollout support

Tourism industry vaccine rollout support

FHTA 11 March 2020 – News of the initial phase of the vaccine roll-out commencing is being discussed with much excitement amongst tourism stakeholders.

The anticipation that vaccines would be eventually available was always going to be a game-changer for travel and tourism around the world. For Fiji, an effective rollout will be critical for everyone’s health and safety, the revival of the tourism industry and thousands of people getting their jobs back.

The Fiji Hotel & Tourism Association (FHTA) Chief Executive Officer, Fantasha Lockington has reiterated industry stakeholder’s support offered earlier to the Ministry of Health & Medical Services with the logistics of rolling out the vaccines.

After several lead-up meetings and the recent launch in Nadi last week of the first of several Tourism Talanoa’s expected to take place to continue the industry consultation forums, the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Health officials were appraised of the type of support available that could enhance efficiencies, reduce costs and provide innovative solutions to accessing remote communities.

“We have been, and are ready to assist, and understand how critical it is to maintain Fiji’s COVID containment status to continue to be recognised as a “safe destination”. We also expect that the pace of recovery for the tourism industry will be directly linked to how quickly the majority of our population gets vaccinated and acknowledge that this may take some time”, she said.

As countries around the world including New Zealand and Australia, ratchet up their vaccination programs and advise border reopening conditions and timeframes, we support Government’s efforts to successfully access the balance of vaccine dose numbers urgently needed to stay aligned.

The Association continues to work with its members to share information from the medical teams it is engaged with on the vaccine’s safety and the need to continue to diligently practice the required COVID-safe hygiene protocols.