Important Reminders for FHTA Members (Updated 22.03.21)


This Marine Notice draws the attention of vessel owners, operators, masters, crews, pilots and the public about the requirements for accident, incident or mishap reporting.
MSAF is introducing monthly reports that are published on their website to gain leading indicators of what is occurring in the industry in order to properly respond. We encourage everyone to report incidents.
MSAF has created incident severity categories for ease of reference. Click here
For an update on the latest Marine Notices from MSAF, click here:

To FHTA members who may have been contacted recently by KPMG with regard to participating in the FHTA Remuneration Survey, we wish to remind you that the data received through this survey will be used to provide a benchmark for the tourism industry to assist members in determining their own remuneration rates.
Contact if you have not received the survey information and wish to do so OR if you do not wish to participate in the survey or require some assistance in completing the survey.

Further to FHTA’s on-going discussions with the ITaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) on the current economic situation for tourism businesses due to border closures, we provide the following outcomes kindly agreed to by TLTB:

  1. The rent reassessment of tourism leases due for 2021 and 2022 will be deferred. We understand 2020 reassessment have already been released and many of these have been agreed to and paid for. Members who are unable to pay must contact TLTB immediately to agree to and sign a formal arrangement.
  2. Interest on rent from 1 January 2020 – 31 December 2022 will be waived until further notice.
  3. Tenants who are able to pay the applicable rents based on gross receipts must continue to do so
  4. Tenants unable to pay gross receipts in 2021 will pay 80% of the minimum rent in 2021 and 50% in 2022.
  5. All tenants will be required to sign a formal undertaking with TLTB, including agreements for payment schedules where selected.
  6. Applicable penalties for development lease breaches will be waived
  7. There is no waiver on the benefits to landowners such as education and community developments and these must be paid per your agreements.

The above measures have been kindly agreed to by TLTB to assist tourism operators during these challenging times. Where full payments are possible, these should be made in good faith as the TLTB is a Trustee for the Landowners and has a duty to ensure that the Landowners receive their fair dues.

Please contact your TLTB Account Manager to formalise arrangements.

Have you signed up for the Care Fiji Commitment (CFC) program and nominated your wellness ambassador yet? FHTA strongly advises that all members register for the CFC program in preparation for when borders reopen and we strongly recommend this be completed as soon as possible to avoid not being recognised as a COVID-safe tourism business in Fiji.
CLICK HERE to get more information or reach out by emailing

The HLB cannot waive the hotel license renewal fee as this would require a change to the Regulations that govern them with the amendment formally gazetted.
However, for properties that are currently closed and have been or will remain closed for a significant period of time, you may contact the HLB in writing informing them that you are currently closed and the date on which you ceased operations. The HLB, in turn, will effectively close your file and will not follow up on renewal.
Once you are ready to begin operations again, you may reapply for a hotel license and go through the process again where you will be required to obtain the 4 authorities reports. (Police, Fire, Health and District Officer/PA).
Please address all written correspondence to:
Mereoni Kalokalodrau (Ms.)
Secretary, Hotel Licensing Board 
P.O. Box 2213 Government Buildings, Suva
Government of Fiji
or via email to

In preparation for border restrictions lifting, FHTA encourages you to ensure that your business is listed on TF’s consumer website. The website will play a critical role in showcasing that Fiji is open for business when the time is right and they’d love for you to have an up-to-date presence when audiences begin researching their next holiday to Fiji.

Simply contact their Digital team via for more information on how to get listed, or to update your existing listing. You may forward them your current local specials too to ensure all published information regarding your business is current and relevant.