FHTA Situational Update No. 17

Members are requested to be aware of the following information:

1. Be Prepared for TC Harold

Severe tropical cyclone Harold currently affecting Vanuatu. Thereafter, it is expected to move south-eastwards and pass “just” to the west of Fiji by mid-week.
Take the necessary steps to ensure that homes and properties are well secured. Ensure that your compounds are cleared of all debris that could harm individuals and damage properties in the event of strong winds. For those who live along low-lying flood prone areas, please be aware of your escape routes in the event of rising flood waters.
For more details and the latest on weather, please contact the National Weather Forecasting Centre on 6736006, 9905376 or visit the Fiji Meteorological Service’s website, www.met.gov.fj.
To read the full weather advisory, click HERE
1. Marine Notice 8/2020
All Ship Masters, Ship Owners & Ship Agents for foreign & local ships, Pilots, Port Management Companies/Operators, Marinas and Yacht Clubs are advised of the approaching Tropical Cyclone Harold.
All stakeholders are required to take necessary precautionary measures to keep your ships/boats safe. Any action taken must not pose undue risk to other ships within the sheltering area.
All Masters are advised to take early action and preventative measures based on good professional decision making combined with observance of good seamanship practice to ensure the ship under their command is made safe.
Masters must listen to all marine weather bulletins and updates issued from the Fiji Meteorological Office (www .met.gov.fj) and transmitted through Suva Coast Radio Station (3DP) and the local radio stations.
2. New COVID-19 cases and cessation of Lautoka lockdown
Government has announced that there are two new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country, bringing our total to 14.
There is also a suspected case within the confined area of Lautoka. Due to the nature of this suspected case there will be a continued lockdown of only a particular neighbourhood in Lautoka while the cordon over the broader Lautoka area will be lifted at 0500hrs tomorrow, after 18 days in isolation.
More information on the smaller isolated area of Lautoka will be released tomorrow.
3. Requested Bank Statements for FNPF Assistance
FNPF has advised that if you or your staff do not have access to your bank for bank statements, you can just provide your bank details in your application form for COVID-19 Assistance from the FNPF.
4. Extensions to Work Permits
As per FHTA Situational Update No 9 (sent 31.03.20), Government announced the automatic three-month extension of all work permits in Fiji.
The Department of Immigration has advised that while all work permits will be extended, you are still expected to apply for an extension through the process of normal applications process.
If your work permit requires this extension – FHTA will provide you an endorsement letter and you may then forward this with your relevant documents and application to deepak.karan@immi.gov.fj  AND yogendra.kumar@immi.gov.fj 

Members are advised to check with and advise FHTA if you do not get a response from the Department of Immigration in a timely manner.

The FHTA Secretariat is now working remotely due to the Suva City lockdown, BUT we will be on email info@fhta.com.fj or the contact details below: