FHTA Situational Update No. 21

The FHTA Secretariat wishes to bring your attention to the following information:
1. Key Points of Government’s Announcement yesterday
  • A new case has been confirmed by the PM. Fiji now has 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • State of natural disaster declared in response to COVID-19
  • Quarantine period now extended to 28 days
  • Vunicagi settlement in Vanua Levu to be under lockdown for 28 days
  • Lockdown for Soasoa will be extended for next 14 days
  • Suva lockdown has been lifted, as of 5am today
  • Fiji Muslim League settlement in Nabua is still a high-risk region and will continue to be under lockdown
  • Nationwide curfew remains in place (8pm to 5am)
  • Public gatherings are still not permitted
  • Schools will remain closed until 15 June, but this is subject to change
  • Businesses in Suva are permitted to open, except gyms, cinemas, pools and nightclubs which are to remain closed for the entire country
2. Fiji Airways Schedules Weekly Freighter Services

Fiji Airways has scheduled weekly further freighter services to/from Los Angeles, Sydney and Auckland. The freighter services will operate to Auckland on Fridays, to Los Angeles on either Friday or Saturday, and to Sydney on Mondays.
3. Maritime Travel Restrictions Outlined [REMINDER]
The Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport, Disaster Management and Meteorological Services in consultation with relevant maritime stakeholders wishes to recommend the following on all inter-island shipping movements.
Small crafts and yachts
For small crafts that intend to travel carrying important provisions between Viti Levu and closer islands – please call Maritime Surveillance Centre (MSC) on 3315380 and notify the centre on their travel intentions. The following information must be conveyed:
  1. Name of Boat Captain;
  2. Name and Number of Crew (Max of 3);
  3. Cargo;
  4. Departure and Destination Point;
  5. MSAF Issued Boat Number; and
  6. Phone Contact.
For further clarifications and queries, please do not hesitate to contact Fiji Navy on 9904618 or 7356367.
All fishing related activities
Please note that fishing for subsistence and commercial purposes will be allowed during the curfew hours, as long as fishermen leave their home ports well-before curfew hours. For any fishing related activities and clarifications, please contact Ministry of Fisheries on 9966745 or on email mere.lakeba@govnet.gov.fj.
See the full statement HERE
If you seek further clarification, contact the FHTA Secretariat on email info@fhta.com.fj or the contact details below: