FHTA Situational Update No. 13

Members are requested to be aware of the following information:

1.  New cases of COVID-19 and Suva lockdown

Government has now confirmed Fiji’s 6th and 7th case of COVID-19 who are residents of Suva.
Due to this, there has been an implementation of a 14 day lockdown on greater Suva area. This means there will be no entry and exit at the following checkpoints, starting from this morning:
  • the Delanavesi Bridge on the Queen’s Road,
  • the Sawani Junction, and
  • the Nausori Bridge.
Within the greater Suva confined area:
  • The greater public will not be allowed in or out — only those traveling for medical purposes will be allowed through checkpoints.
  • All non-essential businesses will be closed.
  • Banks, pharmacies, restaurants, supermarkets, shop and FNPF  will remain open as well as hotels that still have guests in-house (guests should be advised not to leave the hotel unless absolutely necessary).
Like in Lautoka, essential business will remain open and this includes;
  • air and rescue services,
  • air traffic control services,
  • civil aviation,
  • telecommunication services,
  • food and sanitary manufacturing plants,
  • electricity services,
  • emergency services,
  • fire services,
  • health and hospital services,
  • lighthouse services,
  • meteorological services,
  • mine pumping,
  • ventilation and winding,
  • sanitary services,
  • supply and distribution of fuel and gas,
  • power,
  • telecommunications,
  • garbage collection,
  • transport services,
  • water and sewage services,
  • FNPF and FRCS,
  • civil service,
  • private security services and
  • roading services.
If your business is not on this list, you are not permitted to open.
For fresh fruits and vegetables, markets will be open but will be decentralized into satellite markets to prevent overcrowding.
The port of Suva will remain open for international freight shipping and inter-island cargo shipping; any passenger travel, however, remains forbidden; and
From tonight, the nationwide curfew will start at 8pm and end at 5am.
From today, ALL social gatherings are prohibited.
2. What this means for Suva accommodation (hotels, motels)  providers?
You are permitted to operate as normal. However, your guests must be advised to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary movement in public. Like the rest of Suva, they are allowed to go to the supermarkets or market to buy food and essentials but they must return to the hotel straight after.
3. New Lautoka lockdown information
For Lautoka confined area, the lockdown ends at 5am on Tuesday, the 7th of April, however restaurants are permitted to operate and entry into Lautoka is open for those who seek emergency medical care of kidney dialysis.
4. Fiji Link flights between Nadi-Suva suspended
Fiji Link, Fiji Airways’ domestic subsidiary, has today suspended all flights between Nadi and Suva, due to the Suva lockdown of the Capital announced by the Fijian Government.
As with other flight suspensions, impacted customers can be assured that their bookings are safe.
Additionally, Fiji Airways Sales Offices in Suva and Nadi Airport have closed in light of the present situation.
The FHTA Secretariat is now working remotely due to the Suva City lockdown, so we will only be available on email info@fhta.com.fj or the contact details below: