Annual Climate Summary for 2018

Annual Climate Summary for 2018

Members are advised that the Climate Report Summary for 2018 is attached from the Dept of Meteorological Services .The link and Highlights are provided below.

Per the last Early Action Rainfall Watch (EAR Watch) update – we recommend that members in the Western Division consider commencing water saving initiatives, especially with the water levels at the Vaturu Dam nearing its first critical level (of 3).

Attachment: Climate Report summary 2018


  • In general, El Niño Southern Oscillation conditions remained neutral for most of 2018;
  • Three tropical cyclones (TC) had direct impacts on Fiji during 2018;
  • The national average rainfall during 2018 was 2538mm, which was 109% of the long term average (2324mm). This ranks 2018 as the 45th wettest year in 62 years of record;
  • A period of suppressed rainfall was experienced from the 2nd half of June to early part of September;
  • The national average mean air temperature during 2018 was 25.9˚C, which ranks as the 4th warmest year in Fiji (since 1959) after 2007, 2013 and 2017;
  • A total of 68 new daily or monthly climate records were established during 2018 (17 rainfall and 51 air temperatures);
  • The annual total bright sunshine hours were near-normal at all three stations (Nadi Airport, Laucala Bay and Nacocolevu) during the year.