The Fiji Coffee Limited

The Fiji Coffee Limited (Lawhill Group of Companies)

Fiji Coffee roast local and import green coffee beans, grinds and package this for supply to almost every hotel and restaurant in Fiji.

We began operations in 1988. This was the brain child of two third generation Fijians, Greg Lawlor and Neil Underhill, who saw a need for a locally manufactured coffee. They also recognised, that Fiji had a huge potential for tourism to grow even further, with the right support from the private sector by offering Fijian made products to our international visitors. Not only could we promote Fiji as “The holiday destination”, but a destination that could also offer its guests a true “taste of the islands”. Hence Fiji Coffee was born, and since 1988 our slogan has always been “A taste of the Islands”.

Prior to 1988, 100% of coffee supplied to the Hospitality/Tourism sector was imported from either, New Zealand, Australia or America.

Around the same time or prior Carpenters Fiji Limited had also embarked on an ambitious project in Taveuni on their own estate, to grow their own coffee beans. The Fiji Coffee Company partnered with the Carpenters Group to aquire all their green beans, for roasting, blending, grinding and packaging in the Fiji Coffee factory in Wailada, Lami, where we still remain today.

This partnership lasted some 5 years until the collapse of the Carpenters Coffee Plantation through natural disasters, low yields and lack of proper coffee growing knowledge. The Fiji Coffee Company even though were still sourcing green coffee beans from Taveuni, had to look outside Fiji to subsidise its green bean supply, and Papua New Guinea was identified as the most strategic and logical choice for the supply of green beans.

The Fiji Coffee Company has since grown from its humble beginnings in 1988 with the two Pioneers roasting, packing and delivering Fiji Coffee to now a strong team of 30 full time staff working in the different aspects of the company. Through the 27 years of economic turmoil and political instability, we stayed true to our brand and our product.

Even though, our green beans have had to be subsidised by imports from PNG, we have always ensured, that we maintain a consistently high level of quality and freshness, when we roast and blend our coffee here in Fiji. This high level of quality control, also gives pride to the workers in the Tourism/Hospitality industry who serve our product to their international guests, where they proudly say “we are serving you Fiji Coffee”.

Lawhill Group of Companies

The Fiji Coffee Limited is part of Lawhill Limited which has been operating since January 1988 and our main office as well as our Life Rafts Servicing Center is located in Wailada’s Industrial Park, just 10 minutes out of Suva City.

Lawhill Wines & Spirits is an importer of wines from Australia, France, USA, and New Zealand, and is also an importer of premium spirits.

Lawhill has an approved Life Raft Service Centre to service ranging 4 to 65 persons Life Raft branded HAF, Sea Air, Zhenua.

Lawhill is the Fiji distributor for the Coleman Company of the USA. The shareholders have had an association with Coleman in Fiji for over 85 years with Fiji being the first country of Export for Coleman.

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