Sigatoka Town Council

Sigatoka Town Council

The Sigatoka Town Council was created by statute in 1959, to cater for health, welfare and convenience of residents of the place designated as the Sigatoka Town.

Our mission is to promote the health, welfare and convenience of their inhabitants of the Sigatoka Town Council area and to preserve its amenities and credit.

Sigatoka Town Council in Fiji clearly committed to developing its human resources for a better town tomorrow where freedom and tolerance breed peace and harmony permitting industry and commerce to proper for the benefit of all.

The first and foremost thing among the Facts about Sigatoka is that this is a must-visited town in Fiji. This town is established on the beautiful island of Viti Levu. Sigatoka is located right at the bank of the Sigatoka River, from which this town has derived its name. You can find this Sigatoka town at 69 kilometers away from Nadi.

You can find the Nadi International Airport in just 70 kilometers away. The town is chief commercial hub for the Coral Coast region including a population of more than 10,000 people. Sigatoka became the main town in the year 1959.

Today, the Sigatoka Town Council of 37-members, who work for the council and administers it.

Facts about Sigatoka

Facts about Sigatoka has that there are various attractive places for traveling around during your travel to this Fiji’s developing town. The major tourist destinations include the sand dunes near Kulukulu village, Tavueni Hill Fort, Resorts, River Mouth, Villages up the valley, Travelers can also take a trip to Kula Bird Park, which holds more than 500 birds of 100 species from several tropical countries.

Sigatoka has a popular market that is a perfect place to go for a trip for experiencing the traditions of local Fiji. The Saturday market remains tremendously eventful and bustling with several farmers who are fetch their manufactured goods from all across the Sigatoka river valley. Sigatoka has a small number of cheap hotels and restaurants. Culture is an essential part of Facts about Sigatoka. The Sigatoka Valley is rich comprising more than 200 cultural and archaeological places including the Tavuni Hill Fort, dating back to 18th century.

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