Mundus Trade (Fiji) Pte Ltd

Mundus Trade (Fiji) Pte Ltd

Trading as Ocean 18 Watersports & Dive Centre.

Sea fishing
In the morning we start off the coral reef around the island’s outer wall and then take off the hooks off the shore. We spend 4-5 hours on the water with refreshing drinks, snacks and fruits for our guests. At the end of angling, we are happy with the prey, which is typically yellow tuna, mahi-mahi and perch.
Currently available: Coral Coast base

For skilled diving divers, we offer a diving level corresponding to their qualification every day (except Sundays). Dives take place in the morning, we offer two dives a day for you in two different, but nearby diving places. The surface time between the two dives is either filled on a diving boat or on a coral reef while we serve fruit and refreshments.

Now is the time to try diving? Do not be afraid of it, every trainer on our base shows that you can be under the water! The first experience to try a 15-minute pool is FULLY AWAITED!

DSD Dive
Did you enjoy underwater motion? Do you want to try more? Ask our colleagues to show you in the open ocean what the water surface is hiding! Discovery Scuba Diving is supervised by highly trained instructors every day on every base.

– Have you fallen in love with diving and want more independent adventure? If you have four days, we will teach you the basics of diving. Following a successful exam, you will be able to dive with your diving certificate issued by PADI anywhere in the world independently (without a tutor), but with your diving partner.
– Have you been a diver already and would like to develop your knowledge, move on? You have the opportunity to complete AOWD, Rescue, Divemaster courses on all our bases.

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