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Thinking of buying Real Estate in Fiji? Have a look at what we have to offer. Jokhan Realtors specialize in Sales, Rental & Property Management service throughout Fiji

Buying, Selling or Renting then we are the people that you need to speak to Fiji Islands first before you put your $ down.

Information for Investors

Fiji welcomes overseas investments. Such is made with the consent of the Reserve Bank and the Fiji Trade & Investment Board which allows amongst other things, the overseas investor to repatriate his initial investment & profits less tax (if any) at any time.

Should an overseas investor require domicile in Fiji then a variety of Immigration Permits are available to suit. Such permits range from investor-permits to work-permits or a simple permit to enter and reside, for example for a retiree wanting to live in Fiji without working.

Freehold or land tenure is via Torrens title land-registration system with the title guaranteed constitutionally by the State. Fiji has a multicultural population of 800,000. English being the official language.

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