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J Hunter Pearls Fiji

Since its inception, J. Hunter Pearls has worked in close partnership with local communities on Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island, to produce its prized pearls, thereby ensuring that the benefits are spread all around.

In addition to paying yearly leases to traditional fishing rights owners where the company’s two pearl farms are located in Savusavu and Kioa, the company provides much needed jobs for local people and scholarships to deserving students.

This gives them the resources to improve their villages whilst still retaining their traditional way of life.

J Hunter Pearls Fiji

A big part of the brand’s philosophy and day-to-day business practice is the protection and preservation of the natural environment – the source of J. Hunter’s astounding pearls. To ensure the nutrient rich bays stay pristine, the company adheres to a strict environmental code of practice, which has had the added benefit of increasing fish stocks for local communities, who rely on fisheries for food and income.

J. Hunter Pearls has come a long way from its very humble beginnings on a remote coastal township in the South Pacific. Today, it can be found alongside some of the leading luxury jewelry brands worldwide. And we like to think the beauty of our pearls is more than skin deep. For, besides their unique, natural hues – unmatched anywhere in the pearling world – it is the story of how they are grown that truly sets them apart.

General Information

Spectacular Savusavu Bay, located on the island of Vanua Levu in Fiji, provides the perfect environment for creating some of the world’s rarest and most precious gems of the sea. J. Hunter Pearls proudly produce Fiji Pearls renowned for their magical radiance and beautiful hues of soft pastels and exceptionally bold tones. J. Hunter Pearls are exclusively available in the J Hunter Showroom in Savusavu town, Prouds stores throughout Fiji and selected resort boutiques.

Founded by Justin Hunter in 1999 and farmed in the pristine waters of Savusavu Bay in Fiji.

Pearls Fiji
Pearls Fiji

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