Fiji Surf Co.

The Fijian Surf Company

The Fiji Surf Company was born in 1995 in the back yard of a Nadi house, which was known then as Viti Surf Legend (VSL). Being the first local surf company to establish in Fiji, it was inevitable that we were going to shape and mold the future of Fijian Surfing as pioneers.

Our main objective is to develop, promote, and encourage surfing amongst our people, so that we have a better understanding of this exciting sport. Surfing is not just a sport but a lifestyle that has a profound effect on culture and society.

As an exotic destination with pristine beaches with most locations only accessible via boat, Fiji has earned its trademark in the world surfing circuit as having some of the best offshore reef breaks. With the exception of the Sigatoka Sand Dunes located on the mainland of Viti Levu, this area is a significant agrological site that links some of the discoveries made to early Fijian civilization.

The sand dunes distinct break is dependent on the silt brought down by rainfall from the Sigatoka river mouth transforming the waves to break on the dunes. Not only are the Sand Dunes renowned for its wave consistency but this exceptional break offers a perfect alternative to reef breaks.

For more challenging breaks try out the infamous Namotu Lefts, Cloudbreak, and Restaurants. Cloudbreak and Restaurants are set over shallow reef off Tavarua Island and are characterized by their long, fast barreling lefts. Both breaks provide the perfect surfing elements that make for World Championship tours like the Globe Pros and Roxy Fiji Pros. These are excellent waves to ride for the truly advanced surfer and have recently been opened up to all surfers.

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